My review of Canon EOS 1100D 18-55mm IS Kit

The Canon EOS 1100D DSLR camera is the budget offering for people to get an EOS-quality digicam at a more affordable price and is the update to the 1000D. This kit includes the Canon EOS 1100D SLR camera and EF-s 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS lens , it is very cheap so you can pay the lens much less than “normal” market price. The purchase of the kit is especially convenient for those who prefer to spend little and are not very practical in digital SLR photography.

The EOS 1000D had been surpassed by other manufacturer’s offerings in it’s price range and it’s features were starting to look a little weak. It was time for Canon to step their game up and they did just that. The EOS 1100D was introduced in early 2011 has all the bells and whistles to reclaim the budget DSLR crown with:

  • 2.7” LCD screen
  • Video recording at 720p
  • HDMI socket
  • 9-point autofocus
  • 700 shot battery life
  • 12MP CMOS
  • DIGIC Image 4 processor

The body is a little bigger than the Canon EOS 1000D but it’s also measurably lighter too which is nice. Of course the price has gone up as well but that’s expected. If having a stabilized lens is important to you, then make sure the bundle you buy has the MK II IS lens. The IS stands for image stabilization whereas the MK III doesn’t have it. However the MK III bundle is also cheaper so you need to factor that into your decision.

The back of the EOS 1100d cameraUnfortunately spot metering is still not an included feature but it’s not a deal-breaker in the slightest. Continuous RAW mode shooting is also not the best on this camera, however, it’s continuous JPEG mode is great and goes up to 3fps.
It has a pop-up flash, which is sure to come in handy on many occasions and you can also mount an external flash on the hot shoe for proper lighting setups. The camera’s controls have been made very user-friendly and includes many helpful auto settings for the amateur photographer. Of course if you are intermediate or above you can easily switch it to manual mode as well – there are plenty advanced settings to keep anyone busy experimenting for a long time.
It has an ISO range between 100 and 6400 so you can shoot from mid-day to the middle of the night with no problems. Exposure is taken care of by Canon’s glorious 63-zone, dual-layer metering system. The fast shutter speeds, high sensitivity and robust sensor allow for great pictures without much light at all. The autofocus works really well too and is fast enough to always be ready for the shot when you are.

It’s compatible with the whole range of EF and EF-S lenses from fisheyes to telephoto which opens up the versatility of this camera in a big way. It can accommodate SD, SDHC, SDXC and Eye-Fi SD cards for it’s storage media.
Canon has taken some of the truly high-end features from their ultra-expensive cameras and somehow squeezed them into the EOS 1100D.

It seems to be a great blend of everything you need in an entry-level camera – good price, great features, tough build quality as well as excellent usability. This is the perfect camera for people just starting out who don’t want to sacrifice quality.

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