DSLR Camera Shooting Video

Today, people are interested about the shooting video brought about by DSLR Camera. Beside from the design of still images, this camera has a video functions that can even shoot on the High Definition (HD) and now they have the so called video recording. Some example of this camera having this kind of functions are Nikon D90 and Canon 5DMKII, which is introduced in the year 2008. Using video shoot is not as easy as cam recorder, but the result is better much rewarding. It has a good image sensor and has flexible lenses to achieved narrow-depth field. This advantage has been exploited by film studios in recent years. The use of narrow-depth field is very common practice in cinematic production because it has very artistic effect of the high quality lenses. You can compare this with professional video cameras in terms of video quality.

There are some limitations in the resolutions of these DSLR Cameras. The models have their ownfunctions and configurations. There are models can only video shoot on short length and some have no automatic function during video recording. Others also do not offer auto focus in the video mode but the new models has no problem about this. There is some cameras record video at 24 frames per second instead of 50 frames, which is the standard in television and this is the problem you should consider. Because of this slower frame rate the playback of the video is stagnant. Recording quality sound is interesting in this DSLR Cameras. It uses zoom and auto focus to produce a lot of noise on DSLRs Camera. Another difficulty you must encounter is the stability issue. This is designed to remain steady for about 1/60th second and recording video at 24 frames per second.

If you want to achieve good results in video shooting with this type of camera, you must set the ISO at a low value to avoid the unwanted grain. You have to consider the shallow-depth field when possible. You must learn also to use manual focus if you find problems on auto focus on the shallow field. The shutter speed must set manually at a value of 1/50 especially shooting at 24 frames per second and increase only if you have fast action on more frames. Set also the white balance manually and make sure you have the right settings, because it is difficult to set the white balance after video shooting than setting it in still images. Remember to take a static shot 3-4 seconds before you start moving the camera and shoot at least 15 seconds to have a good video shooting using DSLR Camera.

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