Canon EOS 650D Review

With the latest technology used in every gadget today, capturing the most memorable moments will never be a worry especially when you have a camera like Canon EOS 650D. Using this camera, you can definitely capture everything even if you are just a beginner or a professional photographer.
Canon created a camera that can be easily used by people who are just starting to learn about photography and those that are really into the art of taking photos.

Combining the power of creating high quality image and functions, Canon EOS 650D allows you to get beautiful images all the time. This camera can be bought at a price ranging from $845.00 to $850.00 and is the successor of Canon 600D. Although it may look like the 600D, Canon EOS 650 D has more advanced features to offer.

The First to Offer Continuous Autofocus for Movie Mode

Through the “Hybrid AF”, the EOS 650D offers this feature to make video recording less pixelated and ensure clear focus on the subject while recording. This feature is very beneficial, especially when taking videos wherein certain pixels will be dedicated only for the phase detection AF and contrast detection AF. Whenever the subject is focused on the frames center, there is a great chance of identifying the location of the subject. The Hybrid AF is designed to help in focusing the system of the camera to the subject while taking videos.

High End with its Touchscreen Feature


Canon EOS 650D is known to be the first DLSR that offers a touchscreen feature which allows you to easily make adjustments with its shooting parameters using this feature or the buttons in the camera. This feature is incorporated into the camera to make sure that you will be able to adjust or change the settings of your EOS 650D with ease.
It is one of the newest features offered by Canon and it is finally in the Canon 650D. Selecting pictures, making changes and editing will never be a hard thing to do with the 650D. However, it will still depend upon your choice. Whether you will use the touchscreen feature or you still prefer the control dial, just make sure that you are comfortable with the camera so that you can capture all those great moments with your family and friends.

Canon EOS 650 Improved its Optical Viewfinder with New Modes for Shooting

The EOS 650D offers the optical viewfinder that is also present in the Canon 60D. However, it is now improved through the addition of two new modes for shooting that will be great for those who are just new in photography. The first mode is the Handheld Night Scene that can help in reducing blur whenever you are capturing moments at night time without the use of tripod. The other mode is the HDR backlight that enables the patented system of Canon for multishot to be combined in one. It will help in balancing the exposure of the foreground and background of every photo taken using the EOS 650D.

Other Features of the Canon EOS 650 D:


  • Offers an APS-C CMOS sensor for an effective megapixel of 18.0
  • Features an Image processor of DIGIC 5 for 14-bit processing
  • Has a frame coverage of 95% for viewfinder with magnification of 0.85x
  • The video recording is at 1080p HD, 720p HD, 480p ED with a drop frame timing
  • The ISO sensitivity of the camera is from 100-12800 and can be expanded to 25600
  • The LCD touchscreen is designed with 3.0 inch Clear View ll and has a resolution of 1.04 megapixel
  • Has an autofocus system of 9 points and 63 zone metering system for color sensitivity
  • Features a built-in transmitter for Speedlite and a stereo microphone
  • Has a microphone jack of 3.5 mm that can be used for external recorders and microphones


All of the above mentioned features of the Canon EOS 650 will be very beneficial for you in creating those beautiful images you have captured. Its features are designed to be very helpful not only for professional photographers, but also for those who are just starting to like photography.



The only feature that is missing in the EOS 650D is the digital 3-10x zoom capability for shooting a 1080p video, which you can find in the 600D. Though it is not present in the Canon EOS 650D, this camera still offers more improved features that will allow you to have high quality pictures and videos without blur.
At present, Canon EOS 650D has 8 customer reviews and an outstanding score of 5 stars, which only shows that the users are happy with the features offered by this camera.
Canon 650D is the best choice to have when you are looking for a digital camera offers ease of use and helps you in creating high quality images and videos.

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