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Nissin Di466 Speedlite Flash Gun

The Nissin Di466 Speedlite Flash Gun is a great flash for entry-level work ranging from sports to weddings, indoor and outdoor alike. It’s got very similar qualities to some of the high-end flashes. It has very good build quality and won’t let you down. It is made of plastic but since there are no moving parts it feels solid.

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Nikon SB-400 Speedlight Flash Gun

The Nikon SB-400¬†Speedlight flash gun is a no-nonsense flash with no bells or whistles. It allows you to focus on taking pictures instead of all the features you never use anyway. It’s small, modern, really light and compatible with most DSLR’s made after 2004.

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Flash For Canon Cameras

This article will be discussing the Canon Speedlite flashes and hopefully you will discover which one is perfect for you. Although the Speedlite series is one of the best solutions, there are good flash guns produced by third parties. The Canon Speedlite series¬†includes: the 270 EX, the Speedlite 430EX II and the 580EX II. So it’s already pretty straightforward and we’re going to make it even easier by eliminating one of them right out of the gate.

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