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Canon EOS 650D Review

With the latest technology used in every gadget today, capturing the most memorable moments will never be a worry especially when you have a camera like Canon EOS 650D. Using this camera, you can definitely capture everything even if you are just a beginner or a professional photographer.
Canon created a camera that can be easily used by people who are just starting to learn about photography and those that are really into the art of taking photos.

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Stop and Exposition

Stop will help the photographer to achieve a correct exposure of the image, even in more complex lighting conditions. To understand better what the stop represents, it is necessary to understand first the elements that intervene in the realization of the photographic image. Simplifying to the extreme, the camera is not other than a tool that allows  the photographer to measure out the right quantity of light and send it off the photosensitive support (silver film or digital sensor).

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Nissin Di466 Speedlite Flash Gun

The Nissin Di466 Speedlite Flash Gun is a great flash for entry-level work ranging from sports to weddings, indoor and outdoor alike. It’s got very similar qualities to some of the high-end flashes. It has very good build quality and won’t let you down. It is made of plastic but since there are no moving parts it feels solid.

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Nikon SB-400 Speedlight Flash Gun

The Nikon SB-400 Speedlight flash gun is a no-nonsense flash with no bells or whistles. It allows you to focus on taking pictures instead of all the features you never use anyway. It’s small, modern, really light and compatible with most DSLR’s made after 2004.

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Photography Tripods

In photography there is no shortage of available accessories that one can buy. There are lights, lenses, filters, covers, you name it. However, there are few accessories as vital or useful as good photography tripods. For landscape shots they are even more vital, providing the stability for perfect composition and long exposures. Here are some of the best tripods available on the market today:

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Benefits of Lens Hoods and Caps

A lens hood is an often-misunderstood accessory by many photographers. Some say it has no function whatsoever and other people say it’s the most important part of the camera. Who do we believe? The truth of the matter is that it actually serves a very important function and that is to reduce light from reaching the front lens element from an acute angle.

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Flash For Canon Cameras

This article will be discussing the Canon Speedlite flashes and hopefully you will discover which one is perfect for you. Although the Speedlite series is one of the best solutions, there are good flash guns produced by third parties. The Canon Speedlite series includes: the 270 EX, the Speedlite 430EX II and the 580EX II. So it’s already pretty straightforward and we’re going to make it even easier by eliminating one of them right out of the gate.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III

The launch of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III was announced recently as the predecessor to the highly successful Mark II. It’s a more sober alternative to the luxuriously-priced EOS-1DX. It sports a brand-new 22.3 MP full-frame CMOS sensor, a DIGIC 5+ imaging processor as well as a 61-point high-density reticular autofocus. It can capture up to 6 full frames per second in continuous shooting mode which is quite impressive.

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Small Camera Bags for Active Travelers

Summer is here and it’s a great time for outdoors action and adventure. Many photographers will travel great distances this season to find the perfect shot. For all photographers, just as important as the camera, is the camera bag.

The compact system camera case is designed for composed for a smaller cameras to keep pace with your methodology to photography. Minimal configuration, superior security and pro review inner parts will take you anyplace the shots are holding up.

If you’re travels find you hiking in the Grand Tetons, or cycling in Moab, travel with a quality small camera bag like those made by Manfrotto to ensure your camera is safe. Manfrotto is leading not only the tripod market but also small camera bag sector with unsurpassed quality and attention to detail.

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Nikon D800 camera preview

A few weeks ago we were introduced to Nikon’s inadmissible new flagship, the D4. The $6000 DSLR camera has many ISO steps, a 16.2MP sensor, a new processing core, loads of professional features. If you are a Nikon photographer, who needs a camera that can do it all, the D4 is probably the best solution; but this camera is very expensive and many features you just might not need, like built in Ethernet connection. Amateurs prefer the D800 camera, it is cheaper.

The Nikon D800 is the replacement of the company’s $3000 D700 camera. As a consequence, the camera is similar to D4, with a reduced set of features  and some significant adjustments, but not as much as the D700 was such the Nikon D3. The Nikon D800 is not a fully comparable camera and it will rest distant from the D4 in some crucial field.

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